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  • Total built-up area: 10 760 m2
  • Stage of the development: Excavation and foundations
  • Available apartments: 35 apartments, two shops
  • Address: Pierre de Ronsard St., Ovcha Kupel District, Sofia City

The "Vista Montevideo" project by ELITE Project Group is a German model residential building that meets the highest standards for sustainable architecture. The solutions, materials, and systems implemented in the construction are energy-efficient, while the selling prices are affordable for the market. The project offers a variety of available 1/2/3-room apartments and shops located on the ground level, spacious garages with easy maneuverability, and parking spots on the basement and 0-floor levels. The building is an excellent investment choice, both for residence and rent, with its attractive location of a 3-minute walking distance from Mizia subway station, New Bulgarian University, and the future "Kukuryak" park.

Detailed information about the project and available properties for sale can be found HERE.

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