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ROI CAPITAL is a real estate investment company established in 2018 as part of the ELITE HOLDING BULGARIA group. 

The focus of our investment portfolio is concentrated on premium residential projects in first-class and developing locations, with a high degree of priority considering areas with the option of subsequent expansion, guided by the medium and long-term prospects for the development of a given site, and observing the handwriting of the company to create, in addition to impressive buildings, also a comfortable, urbanized and landscaped environment. 

In collaboration with partners ELITE BUILDING COMPANY and ELITE PROJECT GROUP, the company offers a product aimed at customers looking for quality, sustainability, and high liquidity, with the ambition to meet the criteria of the most demanding among them. With each subsequent project, we implement innovations and up-to-date global practices, with which we meet the high expectations we set for our long-standing loyal customers.


To provide a full-spectrum service, ELITE REAL ESTATES - a part of the group - offers quality management of the client's investment portfolio. This service allows clients to complete, rent or resell any property purchased in our projects with a margin. Thus we guarantee proper and profitable management of the client's capital and assets.

Our goal is to provide secure investment opportunities with а quick liquidity ratio and an up-to-par return on investment. In doing so, we aim to attract a considerable number of new partners and clients, both local and international. In doing so, we intend to turn the names of each company in the ELITE HOLDING BULGARIA group into a symbol of premium quality, security and trust, thus gaining wide recognition and a high degree of investor interest - both on the local and foreign capital markets.


Arch. I. Dikov


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200k +

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150 +


Ivo Dikov

Ivan Dukov

Pavlina Parusheva

Teodor Buchkov

Borislav Georgiev

Liuboslava Ventsislavova

Alexander Todorov

Blagoy Kolev

Georgi Kolev

Iren Dikova

Nikolay Dimitrov