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ROI CAPITAL supports the Bulgarian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

The discussion took place in real time simultaneously in the Tiziano Hall, part of the congress and cultural center "Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli", where the Bulgarian pavilion is housed, and in the Amphitheater in front of the Galleria Toplocentpala - Kyb, the Regional Center for Contemporary Arts in Sofia.
The focus was a discussion about the future of the depopulated regions, participants from different fields explored the possibilities of reviving these regions.
Depopulation is a global problem affecting both Bulgaria and the whole world. The decrease in children attending classes is one of the consequences of this problem. Many public buildings such as schools, community centers and theaters remain empty and unused. The discussion focuses on finding solutions and considering different options for overcoming the problem.
Participants discussed the role of architecture and urbanization in the regeneration of depopulated areas. They explored the possibilities for the implementation of technologies and the development of small and abandoned settlements. Various solutions were proposed, such as the creation of new spaces, cultural centers, tourist sites and support for local production and different sources of energy.
The official Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov and the architect Victor Muñoz attended the opening of the Bulgarian pavilion in Venice.
Part in the discussion took also arch. Bozhidara Valkova, the photographer Alexander Dumarei, Liliana Todorova, Monika Marinova, Elena Stoycheva, Iva Boneva from the "Ela" association, the deputy president of the Chamber of Refugees in Bulgaria Maptin Xpictov, the politician and public figure Martin Zaimov and others.
15 years ago, Bulgaria participated for the first and last time in the Venice Architecture Biennale, which is one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world.
At the 18th International Architecture Exhibition 2023, the Bulgarian pavilion presents the exhibition "Education is a movement from darkness to light", which focuses on the traces of existence, depopulation and abandoned schools in the country. It is an exploration of a future marked by urban decline and rural flight. The project was selected after a national competition organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and the Union of Architects. The authors of the project are the architects Boris Tikvarski, Bozhidara Valkova, Maria Giaurova, Mike Fritsch, Kostadin Kokalanov and the Belgian photographer Alexander Dumarey.
We are proud to announce that ROI supports the team of architect Boris Tikvarski, who won the national competition for participation in the biennale with the project "Education as a transition from darkness to light". We believe that architecture carries a responsibility with every building and such platforms for awareness and discussion should be given prominence.
We invest in the future of our children - architects of a brighter tomorrow.